About Me


Upcoming Exhibition

Unit Twelve Gallery Staffordshire.

'Worn Away' May 30th - August 31st

I have recently graduated from Glyndwr University where I completed a BA in Applied Art and Design specialising in Jewellery and Metalwork.

My work is inspired by the change and decay of the environment around us. I photograph things that catch my eye; paint that is peeling or chipping away from wooden doors, the point of impact on smashed windows where the cracks spiderweb outwards, scaffolding that is erected around buildings in a protective manner.

I display fragments of our decaying environment beside linear silver framework and shapes that mirror manmade structures.

I like to use mainly hand tools in my jewellery making aiming to keep each piece individual. The joy for me is in the making. I design as I make and this is exciting because the end result is sometimes what I pictured in my head and sometimes entirely different!